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the adjacent portion of the pleural cavity, repair any part of the lung
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its requirements in the stable, for the reason that if only
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I am sure another right would be this: That inland states would have
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Propylthiouracil and methimazole have been shown to
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to the conception of impetigo, by saying that he re-
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shape of atelectasis, inflammatory processes in the parenchyma of
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identification of a pancreatic pseudocyst, within the sub-
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for the discretion of kinder hearts — who noticed that by no effort
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trated. The groups have, as a basis of classification, the degree of
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Like begets like, and the unlike begets unlike or diversity.
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generally in a weak condition from the start, and less capable
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At 2 p.m., the Medical Division assembled, the opening paper
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instituted to ascertain the correctness of the information ; the owner
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work detailed this evening is a direct outgrowth of Levene's own researches
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— Koehler, Krebs und Schuinkrebskrankheiten. Stuttgardt. 1853. p. 415. —
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Iodide of potassium in large doses and long continued has certainly
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See Male Surgical Register, vol. iii. (1890), Nu. 1984.
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as "Kinderpocken." Of 1,252 cases of smallpox before vaccination, 94 per
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becoming generalised. The muscular contractions differ from those
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sometimes she may lay two or three rows of eggs on one side, ending
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Annual Exhibition. — This museum is located in the Drill Hall,
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of carbolic acid, the frogs were killed in the gutters, and the
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more uniformly filled with the vapour. On the other hand, a single
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the Borough of Brooklyn, New York, died August 12th, in the
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Innes had, under the Council's protection, undertaken the professing and teaching
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has been thrown into a hedge-row "decerptae adalligataeque
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unpleasantness will be the result. Those, on the con-
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appeared as soon as the nasal affection was removed
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