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tions which were full of interest. Harmony prevails among the
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account for these symptoms. Examination of the mouth
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70. Treatment of Diabetes by Arsenic. MM. A. Devergie and Foville
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cartilage is easily traced, especially the upper and
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the lips and teeth. Pyrexia persisted for six days, after which the tempera-
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ample, one of the earliest is that reported by Dr. Chisholm in the
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virulent diphtheria bacilli, is nearly as dangerous to others as one
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at a recent meeting of the London Pathological Society, related the case of
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was laid on a history of tuberculosis in the patient, or his or her parents, but
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have been obtained from patients at the time that joint exudate cul-
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the spinal cord. There is, in that case, as I will show hereafter,
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it must be borne in mind that the conditions which complicate
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aperture which readily admits one finger, and through this
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solid and liquid matter, but that the gas may escape and
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to obstructed breatliing and all its attendant inconveniences, not
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several meetings. This active body has appointed a legislative
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specialist. We are not specialists, we are simply trying to make the
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fatigue in the throat, followed by progressive failure of his voice,
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from the auditory plate were frequently found adher-
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responding protection of those still unaffected. For cases in the early
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harelip and cleft palate defects are very rare in the negro race, this
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House, Trenton, January 12. Other prominent men from New
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burning pains in the stomach, occasionally causing slight nausea.
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it is supposed would arise from driving a nail into the head.
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will not be dead in ten minutes. No well-attested case has ever come to
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horses; allays irritation of the lungs when chewed; its collection, as
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western miasmatic fevers, and every enlightened and experienced western
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vagus stimulation caused a greater slowing of the discharge from the auriculo-
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and their apparent influence upon the growth of the prostate.