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of which can be obtained at the India Office, supported, if required by the
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a rare result of such excitement in delicately- organized persons. "'
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tribute is still paid to his memory, that I need not
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The Peerless Pool, Baldwin Street, City Road, behind St. Luke's
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It is easy to make up one's mind to the simple and rather heroic line of
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early stages small doses of calomel and srxla, and us-
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Therapeutics at the Royal School of Medicine, Birmingham. One 8vo vol.
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In sleep she saw a vision. She thought that the god
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cholera is the consequence of the lowering of the arterial blood
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whatever, and the thought of contagion does not arise. But
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tion. In 1926, he took postgraduate work at the Univer-
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In such cases curretage should be done at once, with every anti-
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ter, but had simply stated his own opinion. By irregulars in this
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perhaps with more propriety, have called them both typhoid fever, of
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pepsin to digest albumin. The failure of a given specimen to accom-
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Dr. O. F. Taylor writes the Atlantic 'Journal of Medicine
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Tracheotomy for foreign bodies differs in some respects from the
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into the uterus, in order to conftringe the veflels.
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ii. The mother may take her discharge and leave the institution
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antemortem thrombosis. These facts are both interesting and important,
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for extirpation of cancerous uteri that have been made public, and to that work
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by Drs. Ringer and Murrell, of London, England, who have made some very thorough and most
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credit their school when they go out into practice, one has to keep the
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by study, nor, unless by connatural aptitude, to be acquired by experi-
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accompanied by any sign of organic disease or change in the
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Ozonized Oils and their Medicinal Administration 387
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injured, or are suffering from slight and temporary ailments.
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nocuous. 8 This use of naphthol in typhoid fever has
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Professor Kocher's genius is shown not only in the mag-
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yet differs materially from both. But besides this important
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ery, from the scientific point of view which the study of the subject has
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volume, situation, and presentation. But notwithstanding all these