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to the Naval Hospital, ten months ago, with the symp-
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ative of the medical faculty, to glut his vengeance
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tion. For the support and preservation of the body, we find a provi-
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"On the 19th, when I was again called to see him, I found him able
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rate. Repressed instincts give rise to desires, and these desires to
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tality, become firmly adherent in from twelve to eigh-
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frequently observed in the pia mater and brain. Fatty degeneration of
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In that sense heredity plays no influential part, because
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coccus pyogenes aureus, and bacillus coli; (2) in glycerin and
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used, the whole room may be filled almost to suffocation, and
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entirely confirmed the observations made by Berzelius long
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dom, Minnesota, and, in 1878, was to be found in Henderson. He was elected to
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consummate a professor and so eminent a physician as Dr. Gregory, and also
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tion of urine. Sometimes the bowels are slightly acted on, Lut not commonly,
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ton about the middle of the seventeenth century. He
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If lung tissue is gangrenous, ligature and removal of the distal
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5. Under favorable circumstances, and with proper precautions, sac-
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Therapy staff members also work extensively with the rehabilitation group.
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where "nerve stamina" is below the average and although in civil life
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and participate, and everything seems to indicate that this
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an axial filament was recognized. Here the leptospira can be dis-
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Dr. Gilfillan was born in Saint Paid, April 15, 1869,
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For |iij-iv he could never find more than one or two
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Kkin and prominent bony processes to favor the glidinEr of
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" out of it's place, without cutting the partitions \
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milk from the same dairy. It was also discovered that a woman
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their varying functional hypertrophy. On this accoimt there
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any other universal knife yet offered to the profes-
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stance has played an important part in establishing the doc-
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months, the leg was perfectly cured. The negro did not lose an hour's
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ferences in thickness or length from the Loeffler bacillus. It grows upon
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