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fect anaesthetics most usually employed. Their use was restricted
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rules of surgical practice, that the surgeon should not undertake the
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have so much to do, that he did not know where to begin, and
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and, above all, the Leith Hospital. To the three former he was a
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tissues so much as to have come quite to the skin, which we found to be
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Boil the isinglass in the water till it is reduced to a pint ;
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death are sure to follow. This imperfect digestion and consequent
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ingredient : I knew that Cullen had said : — " All the acids seem to
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other to reproduce it. One passion calls for food, the other for sexual
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E. Ford, Cleveland. Councilor, Tenth District, C. D. ]\Iills,
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board ship or in field hospitals, when no centrifuge is available. Under these
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rendered the soil fertile, so that the deleterious agent has the
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in a state of partial digestion, or the contents of the
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sac, filled with old blood-clots, which sac was formed by
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diseases in the parents. The roles of the father and mother are about
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That was Theobald's greatest achievement, but it is
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Weinberg, take advantage of this ; and the substitutes for the Wasser-
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a flattening externally of the epiphyses of the upper end of the humerus."
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pose of cleansing the cavity of all foreign bodies, closing any
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tricle. The circumstances peculiarly favorable to the occurrence
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critical conditions of conduction delay and conduction block ;
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iii. The fibrinous dysentery, which involves at once the mucous and
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These papillomata, to be of any diagnostic value, must occupy