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great number of surgical lesions, that he described

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viewed over decades. To accept and live with the disease with equanimity,

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Yet, in lack of sufficient biological study of the question of self-purifi-

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Most incised and bullet wounds are originally aseptic or germ

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I am sure that I have known some amelioration of symptoms

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relation of the angles of the metato-tarsal, ankle, knee and hip

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becomes deficient, and the natural result is that it

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nerve. However, within a few hours after recovering

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has nothing whatever to do with the spread of the disease.

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the nutrition of the part, to alter the suppurating surface and promote

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therapeutic measures employed in the past "have been on the whole

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[n. d.]. — The dog, with complete directions for his treatment; and notices of the

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set aside crude theories and ignorant hypotheses, and es-

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surface becomes external, we slightly inflate it, we

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first day, two grammes thrice on the two succeeding days, and once

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anaemia, congestion, or oedema of the brain. If any one of these in-

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pneumonia eight or nine days after the electrolysis. This was

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were the indirect instrument of good, since they led

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The pharmacology of the diflTerent anaesthetics is fully des-

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hours. The patients complain of shivering, weakness, headache, or

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Connecticut Medical Society, held at Hartford, May lOth and

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showed signs of congenital syphilis so far as could be gathered. The

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causes leading to rejections from the Army, tuberculosis accounts for

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and leaving little pits or scars, is very often seen in this stage. If iritic