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depth, and 5 cm. in width. It was thickened, particularly at its

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treatment in these cases. Thyroid treatment had been largely employed, or

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so violent that a restraining sheet had to be used. On August 17, 1907,

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In September, 1968, the first year of a new curriculum was inaugu-

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ance of the exophthalmos, first in the left eye and subse-

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lege of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts will be gradually

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As UlastratiYe of oar meaDing, we can remind those who were pres-

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It has been said that in surgery we learn more from our

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greatly with the action of the lungs, and when filled out

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coat unthrifty ; and if such appearances occur, mash

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Manitou, Colorado, U. S. A., its Mineral Waters and Climate.

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portions removed for examination ; it seemed as if the blood

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is produced in the upper respiratory organs, it may interfere

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mination of the disease he says: "As a consequence of such contraction of the

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than I had before witnessed in this disease. The small quan-

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5 Priucip. of Surg., 1848. 6 Arcbiv. Gun. de Med., t. ii. 2™e serie.

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massage, or special movements, but on the whole the best result will

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able. A person may be apprehended without a warrant,

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puerperal poison has probably something to do with the fatty change of the

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thorough test of each field in the State. The Salt Creek

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Although in vitro antibody-dependent enhancement has

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not be seen, but could be felt by taking the mass between the

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often, and is covered with a free cold sweat. The expres-

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other hand, Biermer maintains that the phenomenon occurs even

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The Chinese doctor's ignorance of anatomy tells, of course,

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Siliciano, Andrew Robert, s, Chicago. Columbia U. ; Boston IJ.

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when he makes a special effort, he can pronounce the r fairly

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his seven brothers and sisters, one brother shows this

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E. F. Clark and William F. Hunter also located in St. Peter in 1855, and,