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Before proceeding, however, to notice in detail the constitutional

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(vide Ogden's ^^Chnical Examination of Urine") in ^'pulmon-

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preceded by thorough sprinkling, and performed only at night, (d) in

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demonstration of the identity of lesions and clinical

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germs, to suppress them wherever they may be supposed to exist, but

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Discharged through the Mdominal Parietes. By Joseph A. Toy,

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are cancer and lupus, are brought about solely by this

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son of Mr. E. P. Hall, aged about seven years. The case

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‚ô¶From the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Michigan.

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coagulates sero-albumen, suffices for all ordinary purposes to

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body may be surmised from the fact that when he was

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ated with muriatic acid ; which caused a precipitate of Prussian

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arranged for accommodating two slightly wounded men, together

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coma, whose limits were quite distinct from the cerebel-

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urine, then the patient is suffering from a severe form of the disease. If

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respect to pepsin, and concentration of substrate relatively constant)

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irritant effect excoriates the skin surrounding the nostrils. By the end

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and imperfect observations, renders some other reported cases of little

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in 7. In my own collection the pupils were dilated and fixed in 8,

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Harvie, J. B., 56o 1st St., Troy, Rensselaer Co. Founder.

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is an inside bath. It dissolves the abnormal crystallized sub-

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placed the woman in a proper posture, as has been directed

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fucceed in procuring the refolution of an inflamma-

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and the integuments, which become enveloped in a layer of pearly

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his works are now nearly destitute of value for any

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Lowell E. Jepson, M. S., President. J. H. Jepson. Secy, and Treas.

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of a freshly drawn and properly tested serum, it seems our duty to

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wards into bread poultices as if it would never stop. I took the

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usual appetite and condition, when its feed can be gradu-

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