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George P. Bisgeier, M.D., Chairman, Special Committee on
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Gastric catarrh and dilatation, on the stomach-pump in the treatment of. By Dr.
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disturbances of nutrition in consequence of acute or chronic in-
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Complete Transverse Division of the Z;Ve- ^ flexible catheter along the anterior division
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Meckel's diverticulum is the seat of tliscase, the latter ls secondary
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prevent the inflammatory process in its cavity. Recent experiments do, how-
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tbat tension should never be exerted in aspiration (Fig. 2).
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sitiveness to the action of acid. They would, in fact, explode
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where long continued alcoholic stimulants are used.
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It. begins with a small swelling which gradually in-
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started for the New World, and on landing received an offer from the St.
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hesitation in pronouncing these diseases identical, so far as the lesions are