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. . 336; herpes serpiginosus of the cervix uteri and genitalia of
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of 552 students matriculated in the year 1913, to date,
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Faculty have established two prizes for general proficiency in ex-
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grounds of dispute; and it secures the regular continuance of the established
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cerate. The pure cantharidin is too expensive for general use,
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tween the endolymph and the perilymph, should so speedily respond to changes
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case, and of more recent date, occured in the State of New York,
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while the direct cerebellar tracts were free from change. No degeneration of
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Much is due to Dr. Ross for the success, the vitality and the per-
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increased in weight from 100 to 140 lbs., and was in the
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were first observed during convalescence from enteric fever, cholera, and
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cases prevents the secondary infection of the attic, antrum,
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icate, well-vascularized stroma, separating sheets of
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ally, causing several actions of the bowels in a few minutes, it
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that Toronto now constitutes a focus which in the absence of vigor-
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amputated at the site of pressure without pain and without hemorrhage
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are affected, he stands with the hind feet well under the body,
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preparing the campaign which won the battle of Sala-
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of colon bacilli was obtained, to the extent of 97*5 per cent. It has
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associated with Dr. Todd in his researches, discovered in 1901 for the
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is flexed. This picture, when once seen, cannot be forgotten.
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over the spot to remove pressure. Greasy ointments serve as a trap
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dyspnoea or even orthopnoea, frothy or viscid expectoration, palpi-
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the affected limbs is experienced ; gradually the loss of mus-
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ment of each rib from above downward succeeds and exceeds that in
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storing the healthy condition of the blood. Now the medication of the
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should, as soon as possible, be returned into the pelvic cavity, and retained there
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teaching nothing could be more suitable, but one would like to
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many eloquent passages in classical English, inveighing