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first experienced while cutting a wisdom tooth, which was late in
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ing ; or during a paroxysm of hooping cough or asthma. In these
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volume, situation, and presentation. But notwithstanding all these
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shaped in part by the availability of the material and in part by the expertise
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ing is best made with the knife, and should be sufficiently large
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pression of cytomegalovirus retinitis in persons with AIDS with high-dose intravenous
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Assistant Professor of Physical Diagnosis in the Uni-
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developed, and when the early history, as is often the case, is in-
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inner part of the hilum. The third pair, smaller than the second,
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naturally and properly comes to the other learned profes-
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the cl-aim made for it by Ehrlich. Ehrlich, namely, showed as a result of a
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the kidney is composed of three primitive structural elements, viz.,
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ach. They attack first one place, then another; the abdomen, back,
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e.g. there may be a constant winking of the eyes, or a frequently recurring
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Very great frequency of Acute Articular Rheumatism. — A Biathesic
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lormal; there is an epicanthal fold and the lateral portion of
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of that portion of the skeleton were much more frequent
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the left of the womb, aud was in a great measure converted into
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changed or unchanged form. Gay^^ ascertained that repeated injections of the
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and clothing, and a contented heart, has the benefit of all the wealth
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Combined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry-CAPP Program. This longitudinal elective track
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beta-blockers or digitalis concomitantly with CARDIZEM (See
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the right great toe. There is loss of sensibility to touch, pain, and
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Salvage. American College of Emergency Physicians at Le Meridien, San
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lochia normal; temperature 101^°, pulse 115, respira-
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the direction of the great intestine, or spread over the whole cavity
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Bourdon, M., on diseases of the medulla oblongata 54
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Sanitary and Meteorological Notes. Compiled by J. W. Moore,
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the others, it is easy to see that this irregularity arises from purely ac-
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allowed to take part in the work of sections other than those to which
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was not true. In hospital practice, it was found that