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compensated, the heart taking the place of the removed lung;

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through 100 c. c. of hand volume was shown to be from 30 to 70 per

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of rather thin, frothy, watery fluid mixed with air, and alkaline or

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Brennecke: "Ueber die vaginale Totalextirpation des Uterus," Zeitschr. f. Geburtshtilfe

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country by Brown Kelly of Glasgow, who has used it very ex-

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Cleland, M.D. Professor of Anatomy in Queen's College, Galway. Illustrated

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endeared him to all physicians, and especially to the members of

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investigation showed that Cl was superior to the inter-

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III. Septic cases.— As might be expected, the hospital period

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grow are small; and we find that true genius has arisen at those spots,

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also have a collagen vascular disease. Available data from clinical trials of enalapril are insufficient to show that enalapril

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Also, transl.: Arch. Ophth., N. Y., 1383, xiii, 107; 241.

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which the writer happened to entertain of its pathological nature, puerperal

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in the urine. Acetanilid escapes in part unchanged, and in

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ber most — sleep — isn't even on the hst. The imph-

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nation was successful, and subsequent inoculation of the

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The Leukocytes. The number of the leukocytes is variable, but

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provisions in question, and which the sooner repealed, the

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former is, we think, of more importance, and is the initial

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I think that Medical science embraces some cases of death,

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adopted. So far from consciousness being disturbed or clouded

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the operation the pain had so far subsided that for sev-

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first. All the bismuth food had left the cardiac portion,

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lignity?" he believed it was enough that there was no sharp

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bones, enlargement of the spleen, and hyperplasia of the lymphatic glands

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in girls of younger age, and seldom originate in advanced life. Men are

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in certain instances by the color of the hair and eyes.

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7. By maintaining the intestine as free as possible from bacilli

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mended. In myocarditis, in purely nervous conditions, i. e.,

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was made largely one of selecting men with special qualifications for

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liver, light diet. Liver will become hard in those areas affected.

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ziness and nausea, and is mostly independent of gastric pain.

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eversion and contraction and some pain of the thigh, I

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