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is more identiiied with the Edinburgh School than gynaecology ;
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plier of the various bacteria and bacilli which are known
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are the Imhoff tanks. From their construction the sludge is
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of several month's standing, Phenol-Bismuth and still more Beta-
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The patient complained of general malaise, chilly sensations, fever,
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er — See this Bulletin, page 36. Cultivation — Plowed 6
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usual preliminaries regarding care in its administration, winds up as follows :
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irregular oscillation that may be present, it frequently happens that the
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may be, and to show in what manner and by what agents
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and can accomplish more than others is simply that he has a well
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by the Beading bacillus, one would scarcely expect it to begin till
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typhus " (the name by which he implies the infectious form of
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such cases. On the other hand, Arning inoculated an apparently healthy
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one chicken. People speak as if good nursing is a new art ; it is a
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should, as soon as possible, be returned into the pelvic cavity, and retained there
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.Delivered in the cities of Philadelphia and Wilmington,
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next session will please inform the Secretary of the Association,
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absorption requiring from 1 to 3 weeks. The induration remains
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could not be considered saturated in the dilute protein solutions.
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softening of the brain. They all occur as a result of many othe^'r
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water, and I injected each nostril with the clear solution. This process was re-
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Also in cases of nervous prostration, and particularly when asso-
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leukocytes, led us to plot the heat production and leukocyte counts of
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be dilated it is found that a disc-shaped darkening of the fundus reflex
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reaction would have been obtained by him in many more of his ex-
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S. — Table-spoonful every two or three hours." This he uses in all
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trophy he attempts to diagnose by X-rays of the skull. Gases are cited
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this diet is, in most instances, during the acute course of the dis-
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in a soft, yielding thorax. For such a change of shape to
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the diagnosis by the injection of tuberculin, when reaction or its absence