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with changes in the anterior horns, with changes in other columns

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sal fold, that the greater changes take place, being the primary

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acid were boiled for 20 minutes under an air condenser with 50 cc. 25%

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and cholera ; under the class of brain and nervous system, 1 epilepsy

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veloped and situated under the terminal ileum, the small intestine

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Before opening the cyst, it was remarked, that the red serosity

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The mean height of the barometer was 29.968 inches, or 0.052

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The patient when first seen by M. Dolbeau was in a state of asystole and an

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mation of thrombi. From these infected thrombi small particles containing

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all without touching the muscular fibre, which they cause to be-

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suspended in the air, there has been sufficient mechanical action not

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the pads that, while they act as supports and as means of fixing

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pid — the editor says, "No sale." But some, I think, are cool.

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tum are pinched up, so as to raise the spermatic cord

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four cases. One of these he saw in consultation, another was treated by Dr.

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up — more or less directly the result of this hospital

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emphatic answer in the affirmative. By no other method

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milky farinaceous puddings and souffl6es are permissible.

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water to twenty-four ounces. A tablespoonful in a large wineglassful of water

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sinophilic myelocyte is found in the circulating blood practically

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the same manner. Persons have been bold enough to have

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last 100 stone operations (lithotomy and lithotrity) on adult

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stances in which a suppurative lesion is present, very little can

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largely by the forethought and skill of the operator.

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sure will have no " cupping " effect upon the distribution of its

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side wards. The man, aged 30, gives a history very similar to that of

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fascia of the perinseum. The disease is generally induced by

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lower part of the same valte;, these diseases abound ; so do tliey in the

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his well-known paper (Medico-Chirurg. Trans., vol. xlvii, p. 227)