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theory and practice, the one inseparable union which shall endure

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difficult to "turn the food" in his mouth from a "tightness" of the

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abdominal veins. For we must beware of supposing that the venous

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a medical officer, must invariably take the direction of the duties

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WOODW ABD, J. J.— Outlinea of the Chief Camp Diaeaaea of the XT. A.

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taken, is the balance of the circulation destroyed. Thus the system is

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The whole number of patients who have been admitted

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lence. All who have seen this disease must, at all events, admit

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tensive fresh-water condensing apparatus was erected,

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sary to bring it into the world. The patient recovered, and was

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recover. All this, however, will be mentioned by and by.

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vision is not unlikely to be injured. The mischief done for the

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came under my notice during the night and morning was

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He also makes the important observation that its use "is not fol-

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He was circumcised, and at once the asthenopia disap-

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to the capacity of old age. It is the same thing, no mat-

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required. Applicants are encouraged to review the School of Medicine's policy on Essential

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in very simple language, and illustrated by numerous woodcuts." — Medical Gazette.

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favorable medium, consequently their numbers will increase.

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never strikes them that if marriage could only be properly regulated, we

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to wasting disease in which the lungs were occupied by tuber-

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hemorrhage and because the patient bleeds to death ".

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this opinion since it was declared at the time to be

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