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Post-mortem twenty-seven hours later showed consolidation of
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Primary Ethereal Extract. — The primary ethereal extract was sepa-
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•phthiaia ia not alwajs fatal ; we do see instances of
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i upon the nervous system, and acts as an ana?sthetic
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essentially as in Necturus, but the organ as a whole is better devel-
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these cases, if it ever does, the present attitude toward them will be
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third class, which if equal to rotation of the most difficult cases, can reason-
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be administered per rectum at first, later easily digestible
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if resection is impossible. Also, all cases of carcino-
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treatment of phthisis pulmonalis, and a very good line, too, but
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suspensoid colloid will rob an emulsoid of some of its salts
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followed by firm and equal strapping of the affected side, would probably be
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(108-120 beats a minute); or it may be abnormally slow, down to 48,
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conditions of life, or to some of the causes mentioned in the pre-
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than fixed ones, owing to the ditficulty of thorough ad-
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the physicists, the radiochemists, the nuclear physicists,
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in their make-up, sincere, wholly lacking the spectacular, their
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excellence of Lady Morley's character in private life,
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in which we were not compelled to condemn one or more of these
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collects as examples are cases either of syringomyelia or of central glioma.
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but not through 60) twice with 25 cc. m/8 NaCl. It was assumed
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ribs in a dog ; this operation was never followed by diabetes ; but subsequent
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desirable to examine some portion of the cord under the microscope in
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tection League, which is now taking women probationers who