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and tenderness in left hypochondriac region and down to left iliac
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Morphine sulphate, 4.76 mgms., i.e., 0. 14 mgm, per gm. rat. Survived.
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The general surgical aspect of the malady has received
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sequence of the animal getting his leg entangled in a fold of chain,
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with the conjunctiva, and which cannot be removed in a single piece, but must be scratched
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coming on immediately after a vomiting spell, rapid formation of a
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635. Raspberry Pudding— Ingiedients—i pt. of bread crumbs, i
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The foetal head is not a perfect sphere. Looked at from above
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the parts lying between the external and internal apertures, or
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author's disposal permitted. The Kriiger-Wulfi" luethod for the estima-
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books, such as those of reactions in colloidal systems, oxidation,
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much larger area of the lung than in acute pneumonia.
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