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P3'othorax was tapped. This has the red-blue colour of a tuberculous
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to organic acids, primarily lactic and acetic acids. It may
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and accuracy ; to these, however, we shall return hereafter. C. N. Lange,
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ever, the closure takes place gradually, by the deposit of fibrine upon an embolus
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of life, 1 case ; female disease, 1 ; frequent child-bearing, 1 ;
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of the joints of the extremities. If extremely abundant in these
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Medical Superintendent, recorded a rainfall of 1.80 inches on
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well as in country to\^^lS, it contains the most recent opinions which have
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^ Arch. f. Laryngol. u. llhinol., Berlin, 1902, Bd. xiii.
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Tetanus in its acute and chronic forms.— Larrey, in his first
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passing into the duodenum. Jaundice occurs only in about fifty per
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contains a number of exceedingly interesting clinical histories, and many
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the Crimea during part of the winter of 1854-55 ; yet tetanus
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the tone centre is in the cephalic ends of t/ie first and second temporal