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as a rule, mild and of slow course. Death did not occur until

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very faint acid reaction to litmus. If water above the coagulating point,

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Heart complications occurred in one case ; this was a case of

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Jurisprudence and Hygiene: — James Park. D.P.H. Ex-

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side frequently. The tube is inserted gently and it

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retain the patronage of employer-, lie at the root of this evil .'

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drainage. I would ask you to refrain from tugging at the tube

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The early use of tea and coffee by our daughters is the first step in this

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is generally given in doses from five to fifteen grains.

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took place at times and necessitated a repetition of

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betAveen the uppw central incisors, the other distal to the loAver left

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vention Training Center. Tues-Thurs. Contact: Deborah Howard, MPH,

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and about 2 c.c. was evacuated. This was cleaned out with a dry sponge,

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Our space will not admit of an abstract of Mr. Burke's various arti-