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Hant deprecates this practice, and reeommeDds regnUr doses
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provinces, elaborate laboratories of chemistry and bacteriology to
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in any but the smallest doses, and should be very can--
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medical education to its legitimate place in this Province ; and,
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We have been unable to demonstrate the presence*, of anaphylactin
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The importance of letting air and sunlight into dark, damp dwellings,
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We all know the "red tape" to be followed if small-pox invades our
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proposed is the object of attack, never the proposer.
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and is characterized by spurting and the bright red color.
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tised for thoracic aneurism was conclnded. In seven cases the left carotid
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to disprove the validity of Dr. Oppler's explanations ; who, finding
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approximation, the greater the assurance of adhesion and
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1921. Whitaker, William, M.D., Surgeon to Dispensary of the
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with the LTrban Districts of Rathimnes, Pembroke, Blackrock,
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grees; pulse ranging from fifty-eight to seventy-two, quite
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than that resulting from strong insoluble mercury injections.
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**R. Muir, Trans. Pathological Soc., London, 1902, vol. liii, p. 392.
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their circulation greatly by moving, and have never failed
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half of the body is simply the mechanical effect of gravity,
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to soli : ovarian growths — New York Medical Journal.
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rhagic erosion of the intestinal mucous membrane. The liver is
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Carbolic disinfecting powders prepared with lime are of
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to the position occupied when wounded so that the deep
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the recessus lateralis and medial wall of its anterior diverticulum.
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The treatment of dural arteriovenous fistulas may be
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out) I referred to Dr. Wurreii. I do not know wliellier
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When I was called, it was with the purpose of engaging me to attend
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(Kimpton, London, 1904) has been revised and brought up to date.
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liable drug-houses in this city, I had no less than
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a first dose of 0.45 gm. dissolved in 9 c.c. of distilled water intramuscularly; all
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and quicker travellers with a load, than horses. Their
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no history of traumatism. Four years ago he had malaria, and
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pus; the dura mater, at the base, presented a healthy appearance, with
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Jxk this class of remedies I should place quinine, ergotine,
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somewhat cloudy appearance, always containing sugar and sometimes