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Dr. Eric Clarke, Toronto, has received the appointment of Psychi-

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Nervous Ether, or Atmosphere, Theory of a. Part 1 92

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and pleasant anthelmintic in tape- worm. — Centralbl. f. d. ges. Tlierap.,

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markets; and also all the varied establishments for preparing the hides,

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of phagocytosis, and without the formation of fresh connective tissue. In

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my patient to bed. The after history of the case was as stated ;

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exhibited a similar swelling, marked with a deep crimson

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College, Examiner in Medicine to the University of London, Phy-

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plied and no return of the swelling took place. The

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praecox, dementia senilis (arteriosclerotica) and dementia alcoholica.

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fit to give the proof of his first assertion in more

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tive changes involving a more or less extended sclerosis and

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to be at once notified of this fact. The inspector must see

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conditions of life, or to some of the causes mentioned in the pre-

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passing down into the left loin. The abdomen was greatly

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the abdomen and renewed after half an hour or three

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feet three to four inches; sleeps well, eats common food, and gaining daily.

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cell type, and that the prognosis of the case would be bad.

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malformations treated by embolization show the results using

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vertical incision in the right loin, just external to outer edge of

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was folie circulaire, as it had not been long enough

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Read before the Ophthalmologioal and Oto-Laryngological Section of the Academy

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Or, if it is thought that any benefit can be derived

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Arithmomania, or the irresistible impulse to count a certain number

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Habitat and localities similar to those of the preceding; possibly

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positions. When, therefore, in first labors the head

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iron over good live coals, rub the bars with a little lard, lay

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The patient, who was of extraordinary robustness, showed