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an old man with arteriosclerosis, who had a purulent
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ing hemorrhage, and should always be in the pocket of the surgeon when in the
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and the capsicum is then applied with a cotton-covered appli-
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No loss of blood. Vessels nearly all tied before tubing was removed.
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the disease are essentially the same as in the horse. The primary
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least, are concerned, the function of uerve force is
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case was that of a child, aged 5|- years, whose previous health had
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which seems to be the best now open to us, that is, one partly anatomi-
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probably on the under surface one or more small swellings which burst, and
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heart disease with regard to the production of dyspnea is thus not that
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ing that, in muscular contraction, the ner\'e force
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has seen only one case, in his practice, where an unmistakable menstrual
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lateral, it can be cured without operation. When it is dorsal, and there is
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(6) where the lesion is situated in the posterior third of the hinder limb
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examined, allowing even an inguinal hernia to become
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■";•■ may be ot a simpler chemical nature, sich as ammonium salts ■, fut
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people are more likely to contract it than mature persons. It is
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It was the outcome of the yellow-fever invasion during the summer,
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In May, 1895, I put her on Charles Marchand's "glycozone" in teaspoonfhl
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and Dr. Livermore, of Stow, it was agreed that the contents were un-
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modified form. In his "Principia Medicinae" (1770) he sum-
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inflammatory indurations in the epigastrium. A very
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ished nearly 90 per cent, under the operation of its pres-
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patella occasions no pain, and yet the horse is too lame even to
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find them in the same person, but he thought they never originated
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tions, which, though similar in kind, differ materially in degree. The
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lar opportunity is offered. In them a roofless cabinet or a
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Sudbury and Cocliituate water-sheds has, on the aver-