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drawn in 1748, upon a motion made and seconded by Sir

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prised to find how different it tastes prepared in this way.

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and induration. The action of the heart, and, consequently, the

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the relative thickness of the walls of the two ventricles,

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large mass of clotted blood is noted in the left sub-

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because several of the cases which have been published

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nursing, with a little milk and water, with gelatine and

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deltoid. 4. The short extensor of the thumb often preserves its power

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Not one pyinptoin indicating disease of tlie vertebral column had

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Cleveland received a silver medal in competition for the best evidence

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Gillis, William, Fort Covington, Franklin Co. Founder.

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John C. Scott, A.B., Ph.D., Professor of Physiology.

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After-treatment. — 'In the uncomplicated case, the after-treatment is

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We notice in the announcement of the Albany Medical College

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judgment in respect of the facts, a considerable degree of doubt

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and strong, with no bodily or mental defect that we can

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uterine pregnancy until the abdomen was opened after the

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It has never ceased to be to the writer a remarkable

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20. Strumpt, I. J.: Primary ovarian pregnancy with living

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Cancer Center. Attending Surgeon, Hospital for Special

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under four heads : — (1) Failure of the patient to react. (2)

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suited to its growth, in every breast. He was also, an active mem-

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absence of electro-muscular contractility on the application of a faradic

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Skill in diagnosis J prognosis, and treatment in fracture of the skull

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of treatment, 360; New Jersey, tenth annual report of the Slate

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A telegram expressing regret at his inability to be present,

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will be entered on the stub, with the signature of the officer, to verify

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Temperatm-e quickly subsided, but the respirations remained

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being maintained. Then let the patient recover. It will be seen

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1 B. N. G. Sclireger, Fragmenta Amdomica et Physiologica, 8vo, Lepsiee,

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serious loss to the profession in London and particularly to Guy's

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been made to slide along the upright, and this can be thrust in or with-

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M. Funck. It is a complete monograph on the typhoid bacillus and its

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