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oculists of Paris, v. Wecker, a great deal of space was devoted to
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of the knee are the principal elements in the development of the lower limb.
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counterpulsation is useful in the management of patients with
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Dr. Jas. Jackson says — " there is more difficulty, perhaps.in
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Resolved, That, as long as we have no official organ of this Society
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Scarlatina Benigna. A case of this, the most common variety, may be
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{From the Laboratory of Dr. Mary R. Lawson, New London.)
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with corresponding graphs for peak pressure, force, and area
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gestions, amongst which is to be noted the emjihasis
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Suppuration takes place slowly and imperfectly ; the skin ulcerates,
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cient to occasion such fractures. This is a not unfrequent comph-
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common in man. It constitutes the form most appropriately named
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cause ; but probably its influence in producing epilepsy, as with the other
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opened. In exceptional cases slight diarrhoea is one of the pre-
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puration; hence the chyle is prevented from passing into the circulation, and
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Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Wyoming :
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In appreciation of his many years as a counsellor to students, a teacher of
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ent ages and cases. The young generally take chloroform
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